Jimbo to rvnow1: NOW WE’RE Getting to The guts OF Things. Jimbo to kisbah1: MY Recommendation IS, Dollface Seasons 1-2 dvd Well OVER 1 MIL. Domino1: Hi Jim, I’m the trustee of an Expressed Trust and i wish to know what the distinction or advantage of a Bus Trust over an Expressed Trust? WHAT U’VE Intended. That’s Considered one of The large Advantages OF A BUS. THE SUCCESSOR TRUSTEES U’VE APPOINTED Continue ONWARD, Dickinson tv show Completely AVOIDING FED. Trust CAN Function LEGALLY W/ Either ONE OR Several TRUSTEES. If I want to buy RE, arrange trust accounts for the children and grands, have a foundation to donate funds to the help the needy, among other things, The Outpost tv do you recommend I setup a BT first to be the holding entity or holding firm per se? Jimbo to greenfrogtrike: ANY TIME A SEPARATE Legal ENTITY IS CREATED, Whether A CORP., LLC, BUS. 4260: I have heard of the Fed challanging bus trusts. Bulldog75: IF ONE HAS NO DIRECT Questions to JIM JENKINS Concerning “Business TRUSTS” PLEASE, PLEASE Read The following Link, Avenue 5 Season 1 dvd WHICH IS FROM YESTERDAY’S SEMINAR. Bulldog75: Folks; There isn’t any Have to Feel Anything But Comfortable Here Concerning THIS “Business TRUSTS”. Trust, Etc., THERE ARE AMPLE OPPS TO LEGALLY CREATE WRITE OFFS In the Ordinary COURSE OF BUS.

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AND AFTER U Pass AWAY, THE BUS Trust Doesn’t DIE, Seasons 1-6 Grace And Frankie DOES IT? Bulldog75: OOM MEMBERS; JIM WILL Address Only “Business Trust” QUESTIONS FROM 10-11PM CST TONITE. Bulldog75: That is WHAT I’ll Cover TONITE FROM 11PM-11:59PM CST Concerning Cash IN. I will HANDLE THE Cash IN / PREPARATION QUESTIONS. WE Shall be PROTECTED FOR OUR LIFE AND Estate. Estate TAX, WHICH JUMPS TO 55% Next YR. FED. Estate TAXES, However, the Inside No. 9 ARE. NEITHER JIM JENKINS OR BULLDOG75 ARE BEING PAID OR REIMBURSED FOR A TIME RENDERED. If we cash in the dinar in our private account paid taxes and set up a LLC would we need to pay taxes a second time? AND FOR THAT MATTER, Jett Seasons EVEN THE IRS Issues PUBLICATIONS Every so often AS TO WHAT THEY Claim IS OR Just isn’t Valid. EVEN ATTY’S SAY Things That may & Often R MISUNDERSTOOD. LLC from Nevada or can I dissolve that – haven’t used but?

I have bought a belief from u. I used to be told by a buddy that his attorney instructed him that if he did a belief wherein he was the exectutor of the belief, the IRS wouldn’t consider it to be a sound belief. Jimbo to Domino1: W/OUT SEEING The precise LANGUAGE OF U’R EXPRESSED Trust, The Purge tv series It’s totally Difficult TO SAY. Jimbo to tallmanlawt: Again, Rather Complicated Q. IMO, AN LLC Doesn’t PROTECT U In any respect FOR THAT KILLER 2ND TAX, THE FED. Jimbo to stockprofessor: NO, But IMO, AJ and the Queen Season 1 dvd CREAT THE BUS. I Only KNOW THE BUS. ANY BUS. Person Should KNOW WHAT MANY Of these ARE. Turn Around & Send OUT U’R BUS. Jimbo to kisbah1: THE BUS. Jimbo to dev: Rather Complicated Q. TO BE Fair W/ OTHERS, PROB. Jimbo to EE2011: TO BE Fair W/ OTHERS NOT Yet Where U R, WHY NOT Call ME TOMORROW & Discuss THEN, okay?

Jimbo to Tigerlily: OF All the WORRIES, how many Seasons of Little America PROBATE IS NOW Not A big Worry OR CONCERN. Jimbo to texasroadrunner: KINDA’ Seems like 2ND HAND Info. Jimbo to lonellc: GOOD Q. WE R Still Able To supply 24-forty eight HR. ALL IS Well. HE And that i ARE GOOD TO Go with THIS RV. ALL OPINIONS ARE IN “IMHO”/IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. BT and are there on going costs? Jimbo: I bought IQD with my IRA is there a approach to place my IRA in a Business Trust ? Trust FIRST. THEN Cash IN W/ IT Rather THAN IN Your own Name, 68 Whiskey tv series EVEN THO’ THE CAP. Bulldog75: Middle CLASS ; I’ll Address THAT AT 11PM CST FOR Cash IN. Bulldog75: Folks, This is Among the Most precious QUESTIONS ONE WILL EVER SEE AND Realize Concerning YOUR Estate, HEIRS, Assets. Trust. THEN U CAN Structure YOUR PLAN THEREAFTER AS U SEE Best.

Trust AND WHY It works SO Well. We all Need to DO OUR Own Research & Learn WHAT WORKS AND WHY. I’ve ALREADY CONSUMATED/Done MY “Business Trust” Thru JIM JENKINS. Trust FED EX FOR Next DAY DEL. MiddleClassMaiden: Could you give us the highest 5 MOST Important Things to recollect / Prepare FOR as we transfer forward with this historic, Diablero Seasons life-altering occasion? Jimbo to kisbah1: Depends UPON The quantity OF THE Gift. Diamondsr4ever: Thanks for your skilled help Jimbo. In case you switch RV funds to a personal checking account and then switch to Business Trust, Slasher tv show are you subject to being taxed twice? AT Times We’re Students, AND AT Times We are TEACHERS. IQD. Otherwise, SAVE U’R Money FOR Bills, SPENDING Etc., And even PURCH. They’ll EAT UP Another 55% OF YOUR NEW Found Post RV WEALTH B 4 U’R Family OR HEIRS REC. Can you elaborate a bit on what you meant?

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